About Us

We are a New Zealand registered company who perform highly technical highway surveys and manufacture ROMDAS equipment.

We have been manufacturing and providing advanced road survey equipment to clients for the past 20 years. From our origins in the late 1980s, we have a proven track record in the collection of highway and asset information, both in New Zealand and internationally. Over that period, we have provided our services to over 60 different countries spread throughout the world from Afghanistan to Zambia.

The base ROMDAS system includes the core hardware components, odometer, interfaces and software licenses for collecting survey data. Customers then have the option of adding modules to a base system for recording additional datasets. This innovative design can be installed on almost any vehicle and enables users to customize a system specific to the needs of their projects, without having to spend additional money on components they do not need.

Benefits that Data Collection Ltd bring:

ROMDAS Products

ROMDAS (ROad Measurement Data Acquisition System) was developed by Data Collection Ltd. (DCL) as a low cost modular system designed to collect asset and pavement information using locally sourced vehicles. Whether a private consultant, government department or research institution ROMDAS offers great flexibility and ease of use for anyone who needs to quickly and accurately measure a variety of pavement information.

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Moog Inc.

In October 2023, Data Collection Limited (DCL) and its Road Measurement Data Acquisition System (ROMDAS) product line were acquired by Moog Inc. DCL will operate as a part of Moog's Military Aircraft Group's Mission Systems, supporting their Digital Airfield Solutions product line. Learn more about Moog (www.moog.com CTA)

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