Video Logging

Recording the condition of the road before a contract commences is strongly recommended to capture the pavement surface condition because it acts as a baseline to contractual key performance indicators. 

Similarly; when major construction is being carried out in the area and additional (usually heavy) vehicle traffic is using the local roads to attend site; capturing the road condition before and after construction provides a snapshot and therefore proof of the pavement construction before works commence.

Our ROMDAS Video Logger records pavement and right of way videos set at the interval required by the Client.

Alternatively we could collect images of the pavement using our ROMDAS Elite equipment. The system records Laser based pavement imagery as high quality jpeg images of the pavement surface. These images can be supplied in raw format or if required pavement surface defects can be rated.  The software is capable of fully automated detection of cracks and potholes, as well as manual rating of other defects. Because these images are laser image-based they are completely unaffected by ambient light conditions (which is problematic in traditional video-based pavement imaging systems) and can be collected day or night.

The video files do not require specialist software and allow for imagery to be viewed through most proprietary media software (e.g. MPC, VLC player, QuickTime).

Video Logging Brochure

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