Traffic Speed Condition Surveys

Pavement condition data is critical in understanding how the pavement is performing. Traffic speed surveys provide a relatively quick tool to determine network performance, construction compliance as well as the location and condition of surface defects and assets.

Our current surveying fleet of vehicles range from our top of the range ROMDAS Elite to a cost-effective ROMDAS Roughness Profiler. Because our systems are modular we can configure a vehicle depending on the outputs you require. As all data collection has a cost, this helps keep survey pricing down.

The survey vehicle will be selected based on your requirements; typical requirements asked for include:

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Survey vehicle outfitted with ROMDAS Elite, GPS, Geometry and Video Logging.

ROMDAS Elite is our top of the range, innovative, scanning laser system which simultaneously collects a multitude of data streams in one survey. Our ROMDAS processing software has unique features which include ‘lane tracking – eliminating driver wander’ and automated crack detection, both systems provide greatly enhanced and superior data quality.

Overview of Elite Special Features

Alternatively our ROMDAS Roughness Profiler consist of single point lasers and only collects roughness data. Whilst it is the lower end of our equipment specification it is cost-effective and ideal for roughness compliance testing.

You can see a full list of our current surveying fleet capabilities and outputs by clicking the link below.

Overview of Survey Services

To find the best option that meets your needs, please contact us.

"Whether you wish to purchase your own survey vehicle or contract us to undertake testing we have the technical skills and knowledge to meet your needs."
 - Ben Clotworthy, Sales and Marketing Manager