Roughness Compliance Testing

New construction, area wide treatments as well as rehabilitation programmes typically require a roughness (NAASRA) measurement post sealing. This is to ensure that the pavement surface complies with contract specification providing a smooth ride.

Our ROMDAS Roughness Profiler is designed for this purpose which consists of two point lasers, positioned over the wheel paths. These lasers provide wheel path and lane IRI as well as NAASRA Count.

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ROMDAS Roughness Profiler

Typical roughness (IRI and NAASRA) reports include:

  • 10m or 20m intervals
  • 100m intervals
  • 100m rolling average (based on either 10m or 20m interval data)

Our survey vehicle fleet also allows for roughness and video logging to be collected simultaneously. You can learn more about Video Logging by clicking the link below.

Video Logging Brochure

To find the best option that meets your needs, please contact us.