GIS Information

GPS / GNSS data plays an important role in the pavement industry and is crucial to various Geographical Information System (GIS). Accurate pavement centreline data is vital to the GIS mapping the network; on top of which numerous data can be layered. It also allows pavement defects and assets to be recorded spatially.

Our ROMDAS Elite survey vehicle includes a GPS receiver and Inertial Navigation System (INS) providing very accurate and reliable position for road centerline. GPS signals can be blocked by terrain (trees, hills etc) or urban building which can give inaccurate readings. The INS is used to overcome this issue; using gyroscopes to estimate trajectory which is improved by applying Kalman filtering. 

Our choice of the advanced GPS antenna with patented Everest multipath rejection technology as well as our careful positioning of the antennas on the vehicle and setting of elevation masks will lessen potential multipath errors. We aim to consistently provide sub-meter GPS accuracy.

Outputs include:

  • GIS Centreline; formatted to load straight into you GIS programme
  • Surface defects and asset location.

To find the best option that meets your needs, please contact us.