Pavement maintenance budgets today are under intense pressure. Whether it’s main arterials, back country access roads, runways or ports the goal is to do more with less; and this trend is likely to continue. Accurate data has become an essential tool to prioritise and manage maintenance activities on these networks.

Data Collection Ltd specialise in surveying roads, airports, ports, railways and providing data & information on the assets surface and sub-surface condition. We operate a fleet of survey vehicles dedicated to collecting accurate, reliable and relevant data used in making sound engineering judgements.

Traffic Speed Condition Surveys

NZ Road Surveys, Pavement Surveying, Traffic Speed Condition

Providing information on the condition of the pavement surface and assets.

Structural Testing

NZ Road Surveys, Pavement Surveying, Structural Testing

Providing sub-surface structural data.

“Working closely with the Manufacturing Division ensures the survey equipment meets client requirements and any problems are rectified in-house, quickly and with negligible impact on the project deadline.”
- Diana Scruby, Survey Division Manager