DCL Helps to Survey Roads of National Significance

The Data Collection Limited (DCL) Survey team have been surveying numerous sections of the expressways across the country. These are some of the biggest investments in New Zealand’s (NZ) road network, it includes the most essential state highways connecting the North and the South Island.

Waka Kotahi, NZ Transport Agency has considered the most essential routes that require significant development to reduce congestion, improve safety and support economic growth of the nation. DCL has surveyed the following key projects since 2013:

  • Tauranga Eastern Link (TEL)
  • Waikato Expressway: Ngaruawahia, Rangiriri, Cambridge, Longswamp, Huntly, and Hamilton sections
  • Wellington Northern Corridor; M2PP, Transmission Gully and starting work on PP2O

We have performed surveys for both Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) Testing and the High Speed Data (HSD) Testing on these roads.

DCL started work on the Waikato Expressway Hamilton Section in 2016 testing a trial section of pavement. Since then, we have been heavily involved with work ramping up in the past 6 months.

Don Shim, Site Engineer – Pavements, with the City Edge Alliance on the Waikato Expressway Hamilton Section, appreciates DCL’s survey capabilities saying, “DCL has been performing FWD and HSD surveys along the network, well in advance of final pavement surfacing. The surveys have been completed at strategic times in our pavement construction programme, allowing engineers to have up to date information on the condition of pavement surface and sub-surface.”

In this project, the FWD testing was required as close as 10m intervals staggered between the left and right wheel paths to ensure all parts of the pavement have been well constructed. This testing also allows engineers to do further analysis to determine layer moduli and remaining pavement life.

The HSD survey, on the other hand, utilises our Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS), simultaneously collecting roughness, rutting and texture data. This data helps to tick the boxes for construction compliance for the pavement surface condition.

“Quality has been very important throughout the contract. The project has strict design and condition requirements which must be met to ensure the pavement will withstand its design life” said Jessa Tanner, Pavement Engineer for the Transmission Gully Project. DCL has worked on this project since 2018 for FWD testing and roughness (NAASRA) testing.

Our surveying data helps engineers such as Jessa and Don to ensure that the pavement construction meets the strict project requirements to showcase efficient use of budgets. We are extremely pleased and proud of our association with such significant projects enabling connectivity and growth across the nation.