Automatic Crack Detection on New Zealand Chip Seal Roads – Auckland University Research Paper

This research paper, co-authored by Dr Henning and Mia from Auckland University, compares automatic crack detection from the Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS) versus the traditional RAMM Condition Rating method. The paper looks at:

  1. Cross comparison between traditional rating methods and the LCMS along New Zealand LTPP chip seal sites.
  2. Cross comparison between traditional sampling intervals and 100% rating from the LCMS.

The results of the paper show a strong correlation between the LCMS and the LTPP manual rated cracking data. It also demonstrates the importance of 100% network coverage and how sample rating does not give a true representation of the network condition.

Based on the research conducted, Auckland University recommend that authorities in New Zealand give strong consideration to using the LCMS, automatic crack detection, in the future.

The full research paper can be downloaded here.

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