Data Collection Ltd commission the first LCMS survey vehicle in New Zealand

Data Collection Ltd welcomes the arrival of the ROMDAS Elite to their New Zealand survey fleet which is the most technologically advanced of its type. The cutting edge technology has been manufactured by Data Collection Ltd here in New Zealand and will be performing high speed data surveys throughout the country. But this is not the first unit of this type; having manufactured a number of these survey units overseas in recent times.

The Equipment

New ROMDAS Elite Vehicle

The ROMDAS Elite vehicle comprises of a network of integrated subsystems that simultaneously collect accurate and reliable data for roadway infrastructure management applications. It consists of a Laser Crack Measuring System (LCMS) scanning lasers, along with DGPS, INS unit and HD camera(s).

The LCMS uses laser line projectors, high speed cameras and advanced optics to acquire high resolution 3D profiles of the road. Surveying at speeds up to 100 km/h a full 4 m lane width of data is recorded every 5 mm along the road.

It collects a plethora of pavement condition information including:

  • IRI, NAASRA and longitudinal profile.
  • 4160 point rutting (rut depth, width and cross-sectional area).
  • Macro-texture measurements over 100% of the lane width.
  • Slope and crossfall.
  • Automatic pavement defects; 3D and 2D data to characterise: cracks, pot holes, ravelling, sealed cracks, joints in concrete, etc and their severity.

The Benefits


This one-stop survey vehicle collects all condition and asset inventory data in a single pass. It can also be operated in day or night conditions thanks to the use of laser light pavement imaging.

There are several unique features to this system which significantly enhance the data reliability and accuracy over other traditional multi-laser profilometers. These include:

  • Scanning Laser; accurately measures the true transverse profile across the full lane width.
  • 4160 longitudinal profiles allowing us to process Roughness data at any set interval from the centreline as well as along the wheel paths.
  • Rut Measurement; it can provide rut width and cross-sectional area as well as conventional rut depth.
  • Macrotexture Measurement; can be measured over whole pavement providing Road Porosity Index (digital sand patch method) and/or Mean Profile Depth along the wheel paths.
  • Lane tracking; eliminates data variability and inaccuracies due to vehicle wander ‘year-on-year’.
  • Roof Mounted Equipment; mounted 2.2 m above pavement surface, at rear of vehicle.
  • Roughness Inertial Measuring Unit (IMU); instead of traditional accelerometers.
  • Validation tool; unique tool which quickly calibrates the equipment on a weekly basis.
  • Automated defect detection, lane markings, high quality pavement images (with optional defect overlay).

If you would like to learn more about the survey vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 0800 222 404 or email us at