Our History

DCL History pic

First developed in 1989 by Dr Chris Bennett in response to his work in India and other developing countries where data collection equipment was expensive and impractical.

The first system was developed in New Zealand with assistance from members of the University of Auckland.

During the early years the heart of ROMDAS’ success was due to the Bump Integrator which was popular in developing countries due to its low cost and robust design.

As the years passed and pavement data collection requirements increased new modules (e.g. video, TPL, GPS) were developed and integrated into the central ROMDAS system.

DCL History picIn 2003 Data Collection Ltd was purchased by two employees; Paul Hunter and Raj Mallela. Both owners have kept closely to the philosophies with which the company was founded.

In the last 5 years, Data Collection Ltd has integrated a number of high-end technology modules (e.g. LRMS, Geometry and LCMS) and can now offer customers high accuracy solutions as well as more traditional low cost options.

Most recently the ROMDAS Remote Support (RRS) is one of the many technical services offered to ROMDAS customers. The RRS allows ROMDAS technicians to log onto a survey computer in order to check settings and resolve issues. The utilisation of internet-based services is an integral part of ROMDAS customer service.