About Us

Data Collection Limited is a New Zealand owned and registered company who perform highly technical highway surveys and manufacture ROMDAS equipment.

We have been manufacturing and providing advanced road survey equipment to clients for the past 20 years. From our origins in the late 1980s, we have a proven track record in the collection of highway and asset information, both in New Zealand and internationally. Over that period, we have provided our services to over 60 different countries spread throughout the world from Afghanistan to Zambia.

Benefits that Data Collection Ltd bring:

  • We offer a leading-edge technology solution that will provide accurate and comprehensive data to support road maintenance prioritisation programmes.
  • As the original manufacturers of the technology, we will provide unrivalled expertise to maximise its capabilities and optimise its configuration.
  • Our equipment has been successfully operated both extensively in international and New Zealand environments; some of the harshest conditions from desert to mountain ranges.
  • With all the required technical and operational experience residing in our staff, we provide a ‘one stop shop’ solution that minimises hand-offs and administrative overhead. 
  • With offices in New Zealand and India, we have a huge pool of resources to draw upon as and when required.

Association with HIMS Ltd (New Zealand)

NZ Road Surveys, Pavement Surveying, Structural TestingHIMS Ltd are software creators and providers of HIMS Asset Management System and NODEM on which the DATAVIEW system was built upon. This close relationship with HIMS Ltd enables Data Collection Ltd to expand its services in the area of asset management for its customers.

Association With SATRA I-Man Pvt. Ltd (India)

NZ Road Surveys, Pavement Surveying, Structural TestingSATRA I-MAN Pvt. Ltd are developers and providers of DATAMAN, PROMAN, and other asset management software and services. The close relationship between Data Collection Ltd and SATRA I MAN Pvt. Ltd is a valuable asset to both companies and provides a broader range of road management software services and solutions for our customers.